About ten years ago, I was inclined to research on the effects of the much talked about aromatherapy. Most people associated this with beauty aids and massages and presumed that it was a newly discovered science. It was only when I was requested by a leading multi-national company to organise a CXO-level de-stressing session through meditation, that I actually delved into it seriously.

My research led me to believe that aromatherapy is a science which has been with us since time immemorial and was actually discovered by a French chemist Dr Rene Maurice Gatefosse in the early 1900’s. While working in his laboratory, Gatefosse burnt his hand and his immediate reaction was to dip it into a liquid next to him. He was amazed to learn that doing so left him with no burns or pain. The liquid was none other than lavender oil. Thus began his research on the effects of essential oils.

I believe that aromatherapy has everything to do with the sense of smell. Incense in a temple brings about a feeling of peace and calm, and inhaling the fresh smell of flowers is always so exhilarating. Ever wondered why nothing seems appetising when we have a cold? Simple – you cannot smell the aroma of food because of a blocked nose. Similarly, perfumes make you feel good because of the sense of smell. Did you know that the ancient Greeks used to mix animal fat and perfume, make small cones and place them on their heads? As they would go about their work, the heat from the scorching sun would melt these tiny pyramids, spreading the perfume all over their bodies and surrounding them with a pleasant aroma. Aromatherapy again!

The Sense of Smell

The sense of smell is very significant to our psyche – the aroma of plants, spices and herbs have a healing and therapeutic effect. As our lifestyles are becoming more stressful and wrangled, I find the need to be calm and relax the mind more and more important. Meditating with aroma oils has a curative effect, not only on our mind, but also on our body. With my years of research, I have successfully been able to help people with blends of aromatic oils who were earlier addicted to sleeping tablets and suffered insomnia.

Meditating next to an aroma lamp with the right blends helps focus the inner self. Inhaling the oils while focusing on breathing, which is the essence of meditation, helps bring clarity, a sense of calm and inner peace. There are various views with regards to how to meditate – sitting in a certain posture (cross-legged), creating the surroundings, etc. However, I feel you can meditate just about anywhere – lying down, sitting in your office chair, your drawing room sofa or even in your garden.

Aroma Oil Blends

It is simple to use an aroma lamp – just add eight drops of essential oil to the water in your lamp and enjoy the vapours while meditating. I promise they will bring a smile to your face. I have created some easy oils blends for you to choose from –

If you are feeling foggy and unfocussed and have an important meeting, use –
4 drops lemon oil
2 drops black pepper oil
2 drops eucalyptus oil

If you have had a nerve wrecking day and nothing seems to calm you, use –
2 drops chamomile oil
4 drops sandalwood oil
2 drops neroli oil

If you have been tossing and turning, meditate for 15 minutes before you retire to sleep daily with this oil blend –
4 drops lavender oil
2 drops cedarwood oil
2 drops clarysage oil

If you are feeling nervous and have lack of confidence before a meeting or exam, use –
4 drops of pine oil
2 drops of begamot oil
2 drops of lemon oil

To bring about passion in your life-
2 drops patchouli oil
2 drops rose oil
4 drops ylang ylang oil

So now, you have some wonderful secret recipes of my aroma blends. Begin meditating with aromatherapy, once you see the changes and reduce the stress in your life, you’ll wonder how you lived without it all these years. Being beautiful is all about a sense of wellness which can be achieved by unlocking the treasures that Mother Nature has stored in abundance. Use these remedies wisely and enjoy them for a healthier you.

by Suparna Trikha fOR Food ndtv

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