Edgar Evans Cayce (March 18, 1877 – January 3, 1945) was a clairvoyant. He channeled answers to questions on subjects such as health or Atlantis, while in a self-induced trance. For this reason he has been called the sleeping prophet. Though Cayce was a devout Christian his teachings were later to become popular in the New Age movement.

Cayce became a celebrity toward the end of his life. The publicity given to his prophecies has overshadowed the larger parts of his work. The vast majority of his readings were given for people who were sick. Theology was also an important topic: Cayce was a lifelong and devout member of the Disciples of Christ. While Cayce considered himself a Christian, many of his teachings demonstrate theosophical influence.

Today there are tens of thousands of Cayce students. Most are located in the United States and Canada, but Edgar Cayce Centers are also found in 25 other countries.

Edgar Cayce was also a healing medium: ill people would come to him to be diagnosed and prescribed a cure. The cures were remarkably successful, which of course made him ever more famous.

But aside from that, he was also asked questions about all kinds of topics when in a trance. He talked about topics like auras, chakras, Atlantis, reincarnation, the destiny of humanity, astrology, the unknown life of Jesus, ideals as a basis for the spiritual path, mediation, clairvoyance, diet and dream interpretation.

All in all he could be called a New Age Christian Prophet, except that he lived before the term ‘new age’ was coined. Dying in the last year of the Second World War (1945) he never lived to see the fruit of his work.

The A.R.E. foundation guards his heritage.


Source:Waking Times

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