I’ve never gotten rich doing astrology or music, but I spend most days doing what I love.

I work from home – or at the park, or the coffee shop. I have three different ‘corner offices’ in this new house, at least during the day while everyone else is at school or work. I’m looking out the window watching the wind blow through the trees.

I haven’t taken a shower yet but I have enjoyed two cups of gourmet coffee and a delicious home-cooked breakfast. And I love my job. I’m like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins: “I draws what I love and I loves what I drew.”

I’m not trying to boast. In fact, I’m so grateful for my life. If you’d have told me when I was slaving under fluorescent lights on the corporate cube farms years ago that not too far off in the future I’d be able to work from home on my own schedule while making a living exploring astrology and using my voice and my musical skills…well, I’d have probably thought you were crazy.

Learn to Relax
We live in a high-stress society. Traffic, environmental noise and pollution, EMF radiation, food additives, chasing success, working for the man, making ends meet, trying to raise the kids right, being bombarded with 5,000 manipulative media images every day….

Plus, stress is addictive. The egoic mind loves it. Our society is totally oriented towards problem-solving. How much can I do, how can I figure this out? The deadline, the crisis, the looming problem – they give us that fight-or-flight adrenaline rush. And it’s easy to become a junkie.

The medical literature on stress is conclusive. It ages us. It eventually kills us. We all know that meditation is an unparalleled way to relieve stress. But how much time do we have to meditate? Especially now that we can answer texts and phone calls and surf the Web anywhere and any time on our smartphone and tablets?

Brainwave entrainment and guided meditations are such an easy way to evoke what Harvard doctor Herbert Benson called the Relaxation Response in his ground-breaking bestseller of the same name.

But I can be something of a purist. If I’m going to meditate, I want to do it the all-natural way. I probably wouldn’t have tried something as weird as putting on a pair of headphone and listening to music with embedded ‘binaural beats’ to relax, if I hadn’t been in a major crisis and desperate for any relief. (In my Midwestern academic milieu back in 1995, BWE or “healing sounds” seemed like hoodoo!)

I’m glad I did, though, because brainwave meditations seriously changed my life. I’ve been using brainwave entrainment (BWE) technology for many years now and I believe it has been a major factor in my success. BWE programs helped me learn to relax and to access the visionary levels of the mind where it’s easy to tune into your inner guidance, productively visualize the life you want, and release old trauma and negative mental and emotional patterns.

Think of it this way – so much of the stress we swim in daily is the result of technology. We don’t live in an all-natural environment. And BWE programs not only help you achieve in minutes the relaxation levels evinced by lifelong meditators, over time they train your mind to relax even when you’re not using the recordings.

[blockquote style=”3″]Learning to relax your mind and body on cue may be the single most powerful thing you can do to take back your life, heal your body and emotions, and successfully visualize and create the life you want[/blockquote]

How Does It Work?

The phrase “brainwave entrainment” is used to reference a wide range of techniques involving the use of intentionally created sound vibrations that lead or entrain the brain into various states of relaxation and focus. The phenomenon of entrainment was discovered by the Dutch scientist Christian Huygens in 1666. Huygens invented the pendulum clock and he noticed that when you put two of the clocks next to each other, their pendulums would eventually synchronize or entrain with each other.

Brainwave entrainment usually refers to either the use of binaural beats, monaural beats or isochronic tones that are played along with music and/or hypnotic inductions or guided meditations. As pulses or other rhythm sounds are played into the ears at frequencies near the brain’s normal frequency range, the brain itself will entrain to the external sound frequencies, slowing or speeding up its vibration.

This entrainment process happens with light pulses, as well. The flickering of the lights in our TV screens entrains us into a mild state of hypnosis – one reason television may be so addictive!

A Quick and Dirty Model of the Mind

We have, as a species, tremendous powers. We often hear how we only use ten percent of our brain power, and on and on, yet almost all of the programs developed under the modern Scientific-Rationalist worldview to make us smarter have focused on learning with the rational or ego-mind.

Why is this? Because most, if not all, of the thoughts that the ego-mind thinks are really the thoughts of the Matrix. And the Matrix doesn’t want us to hack our way out of the Matrix. “The ego is a politician,” says self-relations psychotherapy founder Stephen Gilligan. “It will do and say anything to stay in power.”

(When I say “Matrix” I’m not referring precisely to the Matrix as shown in the movie of the same name. Although I will say there is more truth than falsehood in the first Matrix film. I’m referring to a global thought-form or energy complex that has infiltrated and coopted the human ego. Feel free to substitute your own preferred terminology. Eckhart Tolle calls it the global egoic mind. Don Juan called it the Parasite. Some New Age people call them archons or aliens. The Gnostics called it the fallen world. Don Miguel Ruiz calls it “the dream of the planet.”)

Healing the egoic mind’s imaginary separation from the All-One means putting the ego back into its proper place. We can’t do this at the ego level of the mind. Perhaps the most famous teaching of Hermes is: As above, so below. The macrocosm reflects the microcosm, and vice versa. Creating global oneness, therefore, can only happen by resolving the disconnect within the individual mind.

In order to do this, we need to go beyond the level of ego programming and unite the imaginative, creative, imagistic subconscious mind with the linear, literal, rational conscious mind. Fortunately, BWE technology, hypnosis, and guided meditations enable us to reach this level of the mind even within the confines of our busy, stressed-out, attention-deficit society.

Note: BWE and hypnosis are definitely not cure-alls. You still have to do the work. You have to show up and keep using the programs. And these meditations will, over time, activate the resistance of the ego and bring up repressed trauma that needs to be processed in order for you to return to a state of wholeness. But they can be powerful accelerators of the awakening process if you use them consistently.


I don’t claim that the model I’m about to give you is the only valid model of mind; what I do claim, based on my own experience and the experience of many of my teachers – including direct work with thousands upon thousands of people – is that, as a working model, this one excels. It is supremely useful.

One way we can understand the separation of the self is by looking at the separate halves of the brain. On one side we have the left brain, which we are also going to call the rational mind or the egoic mind. The left brain thinks in terms of language or syntax. It talks about the world and it uses concepts as a way of filtering down the massive amount of sensory data we are capable of absorbing at any given moment. With the aid of these linguistic concepts, the left brain makes maps and filing systems that it uses to “represent” reality to us. Since “reality” is already an illusory hologram projected by the Matrix, what the left brain is actually doing is making a symbolic map of a symbolic map of reality. Again, this is a useful function for helping us navigate the simulation; the trouble is when we believe the Matrix dogma that teaches us that we must mistake this sub-reality as being the one and only real thing.

The left brain or egoic mind is characterized by its use of psychological or linear time. Left brain or rational mind processing is based on either/or thinking. Eliot Cowan (Plant Spirit Medicine) says about the dream of duality that “One of the fundaments of modern life is the dream of time as a mechanical procession of discreet uniform units. In this dream, seconds click by in single file from an unknowable future through a fleeting present into the jaws of an irretrievable past.” The left brain utilizes this linear paradigm to deal with both time and space. Any given person, object or event can only appear at a single point on the time line or at a single location in space.

This either/or processing is the hallmark of the left brain/egoic mind and it is extremely useful for processing conceptual data. By giving us the ability to separate moments in time and space, this either/or processing style enables us to take things apart and reconstitute them in ways that are literally unthinkable to the right brain/creative mind, which sees the world as a nested system of interdependent wholes. However, this form of functioning is inherently dualistic. Again, the ability to endlessly take things apart, break things down into further sub-units, analyze, criticize and place in lists and hierarchies is useful as a tool, but not a place one would want to be trapped in for eternity.

The right brain/creative mind is characterized by both/and processing. Where the left brain operates through language and linear thought, the right brain processes experience in terms of images and feelings. At this level of the mind we know things without “thinking” about them; we might call the right brain’s processing style intuitive or imaginative.

The right brain or creative unconscious also holds an entirely different relationship to time. In the both/and processing mode of the creative unconscious, we can be in two or more times simultaneously, just as we can be in two or more places at once. It’s easy to remember a time recently when you experienced this both/and quality of the right brain – just think of the last time you were driving down the road and talking on the phone at the same time. Or the last time you were sitting at your desk and dreaming about making love, or being on vacation, or eating that fabulous meal.

We call this inherent faculty of the creative unconscious to be in two places or times at once imagination, and the society controlled by the rogue Dark Matrix has programmed us very heavily – severely even – to distrust the imagination. We are taught to despise imagination as belonging to the world of children and best left behind – or indulged in only societally-sanctioned and largely passive forms such as TV, pop music, sexual fantasy, video games, and novels.

But imagination takes us out of the prison of psychological time and into the realm of the eternal. Imagination – what Carl Jung called active imagination, as opposed to idle daydreaming or passive fantasy – was seen by the ancient alchemists as the secret power that humanity had rejected. It is the philosopher’s stone, because it connects the temporal realm of appearances to the eternal realm of potentiality.

And it is in the realm of eternity that we actually have the power to rewrite the programming that locks us into a world of scarcity and suffering – both personal and collective, because as we have seen, the only way to save the world is to save your own mind.

The goal, if we want to hack into the Matrix and rewrite our reality code, is to bring together these two sides of the mind in ways that enable each of them to function in their appropriate roles. What we’ve found through decades of hypnotic research and consciousness exploration is that we seem to access this “whole mind” state of being best when we are in a relaxed, yet focused mode of functioning.

Another way of looking at the relaxed but energized mind state that is so powerful for healing, manifesting and bringing forth our hidden potential is by tuning into the brain’s operating frequencies. Basically there are four frequency ranges we’re going to concern ourselves with:

brainwave frequencies

The Beta level of the mind is where most of us spend most of our “productive” time. The Beta mind level corresponds to the egoic/rational mind processing mode: linear, fast, analytical/critical, using language concepts.

As soon as we drop down into the Alpha level of the mind we start to contact the creative unconscious, the timeless part of the mind. Alpha is sort of like the border region between the two minds. In Alpha, we’re still alert and aware of the world around us, but we’re also able to drift off in our imagination. Common experiences of being in Alpha include: daydreaming during a lecture or while at work, watching television, walking or doing any kind of rhythmic physical activity like dancing, drumming or yoga.

In the Theta level of the mind, we are deeply relaxed in both mind and body. At the lower edge of the Theta frequency range, we are verging on sleep. Accessing the Theta mind level with intention is key to much of the work we’ll be doing with this program. Remember Jesus’ statement that we must become as little children to enter the kingdom of heaven? Interestingly enough, children spend most of the first seven years of waking life in the Theta state. At the Theta mind level, images come and go seemingly without our guidance, we often experience what hypnotists call “time distortion” (we think we’ve been asleep for an hour but we look at the clock and only ten minutes have passed) and we are extremely flexible in our approach to time and space.

The Delta level of the mind is the level of mind associated with sleep, but it is also a powerful “stargate” level of reality. Buddhist monks are famous for training themselves to stay mentally awake while their bodies sleep by chanting mantra and other spiritual practices.

We tend to think of eternity as “a very, very long time” – when in fact, eternity is the absence of linear time. Eternity is now, and the portal to eternity is through the part of the mind that operates outside of time – the creative unconscious. The great thing about the time we live in (pun intended) is that we now have access to techniques and technology that can get us rapidly and easily into these deeper, creative levels of the mind.

Of course, we must also remember that the images and intentions we take into the creative levels of the mind are what will tend to tend to manifest for us. (Which is why the Higher Consciousness System meditations focus not just on “thinking positive thoughts” but on becoming aware of and releasing the deep negative and limiting beliefs most of us carry around in the deep levels of the psyche.) Gerald O’Donnell says:

Consciousness, including the Consciousness of the One, will pay more attention to what it is more conscious of and less attention to what it is more distant from and less conscious of…

Therefore the deeper within your inner self you position your conscious awareness, the more attention and concentration your inner desires and beliefs will get from the Father who is positioned all the way inside your subconscious realm at the level of the One.

Brain/mind research indicates that the subconscious mind is responsible for 96–98 per cent of our daily experience. The programming stored at the subconscious level of the mind influences not only your “conscious thoughts” and behavior, it determines how the world appears to you.

From this we can finally understand:

1. The subconscious mind — the mind that operates at the Alpha, Theta and even deeper frequencies — is the key to manifesting reality.

2. If we want to change our experience, we can’t do it from the Beta/waking state/ego-mind level. The only way to change your life is to change it at the level of your mental and emotional programming.

We have been heavily programmed at the subconscious level since birth and even prior to birth – and we carry in our DNA the programming of many prior generations of Matrix-controlled ancestors – so the other essential perspective we need in this work is that we need to become warriors about fighting against the Matrix’s domination and transforming our reality.

This means becoming warriors of awareness. It means recognizing when we are being controlled by the Matrix operating through our familiars. It means turning off the fear-based “news” and other TV programming that is carefully designed and crafted to bypass our critical defenses and implant fear-based images directly into our subconscious minds.

It means refusing to participate in “the same old thing” conversations with the Matrix (in the guise of people who want to hook our attention and get us to spread fear, gossip, hatred and doomsday scenarios).

But above all, this means regularly, sincerely and intentionally going into the programming levels of the mind and rewriting the code that creates our holographic representation of the Universe. Because only by working at the level where the bad programming is stored will we succeed in hacking the Matrix and freeing ourselves from the enslavement of the dark world.

Source: Words for the People

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