Most people tend to not let go of unresolved emotions and experiences, many of which are often unconscious; this can be hazardous to your health and to your skin. Your body is full of unresolved emotions and memories that can be triggered by present day situations and stimulus, which can cause a negative reaction in emotions, thoughts, behaviors, physical health, relationships, and to your complexion.

Many illnesses are the end result of emotions that have been repressed and unacknowledged, and often covered up which can lead to physical, mental and emotional health concerns. Unexpressed emotions tend to stay in the body like emotional land mines waiting to be set off.

According to experts in mind/body medicine, our emotions have a profound effect on us because they are physically linked to our bodies by way of our immune, endocrine, and central nervous system. These experts agree that often the seeds for a person’s physical, mental and emotional problems were planted by their earlier emotional traumas.

Research has shown through the Mayo Clinic, that unresolved grief can surface years later as insomnia, memory loss, lack of focus, depression, anxiety, headaches, relationship issues, intestinal problems, mental health difficulties, eating disorders, addictions and other issues.

How Stress Affects your Skin

Healthy looking skin is a reflection of how healthy your organs are. Stress, cortisol (the stress hormone), and accumulated toxins building up in your body can negatively affect our physical, emotional, mental health and our skin. Your face can also shows how resilient you are to stress.

When you notice the signs of uneven skin tone and texture, appearances of pigmentation and dark spots, pimples, acne, rashes, and broken capillaries it is, in part, an indication of the accumulation of toxins that are building up in your body. When the immune system weakens, the effect can be seen on your face as a warning sign. It is your skin’s attempt at expelling the accumulated toxins from your body.

Light Frequencies Help Detoxify & Release Toxins

It is believed by some, that light therapy energetically stimulates unconscious and unresolved issues, and that by putting light and color frequencies into the mind/body system that stagnant areas will begin releasing. This is the detoxification of emotions, echoes physical detoxification, and is possibly the catalyst for physical detoxification. This “Energy Detox” gives the body a boost to return to a balanced body and mind, enabling it to reverse decades of accumulated toxins.

Chinese and Russian scientists have demonstrated that the acupuncture meridians transmit light, which makes it a possibility that these points are pathways where organisms most effectively absorb light. Vibrational imbalances seen as increased light emissions in cells, could be brought into balance by the application of light in complementary or balancing colors along the meridian points.

A German bio-physicist, Dr. Fitz Albert Popp’s work clarified how human cells communicate. He described a constant level of radiating light moving gently around the body, similar to the esoteric descriptions of the auric field. His experiments demonstrated that all cells communicate by light within the spectrum of visible light and microwave energy.

When a cell becomes disturbed in some way, the light vibration around that cell becomes disharmonious, which is then thought to detrimentally influence the vibrational patterns of neighboring cells.

The red Cold Laser Light adds energy and tone and stimulates, while the cool colors like blue and green decrease and sedate the life energy. Each color is associated with a particular wavelength and photon intensity. The shorter wavelengths, such as the light from the red end of the spectrum, have the lowest photon frequency but the highest intensity.

How Cold Laser Light Therapy & Meridian Massage can Affect Wellbeing

It is believed that Cold Laser Light Therapy may enhance emotional and mental wellbeing. It can help to reduce everyday stress, anxiety and depression by targeting meridian points and through the release of serotonin and endorphins.

There is an increasing body of evidence that suggests that Cold Laser Light Therapy treatments on meridian points can stimulate a similar effect as acupressure, traditional acupuncture with needles, and reflexology.

The body has an energy circulation system that is similar to the blood circulation system. The energy flows along 12 main meridians or channels with many points that are like connecting stations through which energy flows into the muscle to allow balanced activity to take place.

If this energy becomes blocked, imbalances can develop causing some connecting station points to become irritated or congested. This can result in pain or weakness in the surrounding muscles as well as causing aches, pains, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and other physical, mental and emotional concerns. Stimulating these points helps to normalize impaired conditions.

According to Traditional Chinese medicine, the main organs and their meridians are also associated with different emotions. An excessive amount of these emotions can damage the associated organs, while a disease of these organs may, in time, lead to excessive displays of these emotions.

The following are some examples of the meridian points that correlate to a particular emotion and thought process:

  • The Heart meridian is responsible for: excessive laughter and fear.
  • The Lung meridian is responsible for: grief, sorrow and negativity.
  • The Gallbladder meridian is responsible for: judgments, decisions, motivation, governing emotions of anger and irritability.
  • The Liver meridian is responsible for: planning, anger, irritability, excessive excitability, crying moods, and a compulsion to over function or under function at work or other areas of life.
  • The Small Intestines meridian is responsible for: filtering information and sorting out facts to make decisions.
  • The Spleen meridian is responsible for: thought, learning, concentration, worry and emotional tension.
  • The Kidney meridian is responsible for: will, sexual impulse, negativity, unease, fear, timidity, impatience, over functioning or under functioning at work or other areas of life.

Why the Face is the Perfect Area to Release Emotional & Physical Toxins

The face is a micro-map of the body’s 12 meridian energy points, representing areas and systems within the body; while also stimulating circulation in the brain and nervous system. A relaxation response may occur by releasing serotonin and endorphins and reducing some of the stress related symptoms such as: depression, anxiety and other mental and physical symptoms. Overall health and emotional wellbeing can be enhanced in this way.

Many practitioners of Reflexology, acupressure and other types of treatments working with the meridians, are concentrating more on the face, which has a large number of nerves and blood vessels, and is the closest to the brain, which is the control center of the body. So it makes sense to stimulate the meridian/energy points there, which can effect the blood circulation and the nerve supply.

Working on the face is a natural relaxing experience that can reduce stress and tension and helps to create a natural healing element. By massaging and stimulating the meridian points on the face, lymphatic drainage can flow, the glands are stimulated, the facial muscles are revitalized, and the healing process is supported. The benefit is long-term facial rejuvenation with smoother, suppler skin, reduced fine lines, improved skin elasticity, and a more radiant complexion.

Cold Laser Light Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, and Meridian Massage, each contributes in gently releasing emotional and physical toxins as well as rejuvenating and lifting the skin.

The following conditions should not receive Cold Laser Light Therapy and/or Meridian Massage:

  • Epilepsy
  • Acute infection with a high temperature
  • Stroke – in the first two weeks
  • Allergies to the active ingredients in gels / products
  • Immune deficiency disease
  • Thyroid problems
  • Hepatitis
  • Oral blood thinners / Circulation problems
  • Pregnancy
  • Heart problems
  • Pace Maker
  • Diabetics
  • Cancer
  • Anti-coagulating drugs (i.e., Warfarin and Heparin)
  • People taking a variety or high dosage of drugs
  • Up to six months after heart surgery
  • Hypersensitive people (e.g., chronic fatigue)
  • Contagious conditions
  • Implanted defibrillators or stimulators

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