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Energy Healing

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Private Angelic Guidance and Healing Consultations with Jayn Lee Miller
17 Wellington Terrace HA1 3EP
Angelic Healing services including Private Angelic Consultations, Courses, Retreats and Workshops.
Reiki Healing
832 Margie Ann Drive
Camano Island, WA 98282
Healing for People
7 Mount Lassen Dr. Suite B-257, San Rafael, CA 94903
A healthcare clinic that offers Energy Medicine techniques and information to give people what they need to achieve their goals.
Angel Light Reiki
1682 Novato Blvd Suite 152
I help men and women going through difficult transitions heal, get clear, andrelease blocks to healing through Reiki treatment and crystal healing. I teach meditation as well.
Majestic Consciousness
Laguna Beach
my multi modality approach offers a highly targeted and deeply Shifting energy work that heals layers of the subtle, emotional, mental and physical bodies. It is a custom session of integrative practices to allow and facilitate the best knowing and healing for each person based in their desired results and targeted aims in Life Expansion. My mission is to bring the vibration of the whole UP to a higher dimension and way of BEing with MORE Ease, Grace and Abundance.
Energy Health Healing
Distant Healing
I do a form of energy work, where we identify and correct imbalances that can cause emotional and physical problems in the body. the body has the ability to heal itself if the conditions are right...so making those conditions right is what I do. All sessions can be done by phone or Skype.
Essence is what sums up the heart and soul of something, it is the core quality of a person or an object. Essence can be the concentrated scent of a flower or the core flavour of an orange. Essence can be the deep infused colour of a blood red rose or the purity of the sound of a waterfall. For us Essence is the nature of our true self, our soul.

Our business explores the different pathways to find your Essence, that aspect of you that might be asleep right now but that you are yearning to wake up. Your true essence is beautiful, perfect and perfectly aligned to its higher purpose. We align you to your essence through different modalities, but our main specialty is auric cleansing and energy healing.
Emotional Healing, God Realization and Higher Dimensional Healing
I am an emotional healer and spiritual teacher.
Mirabah Energy Therapy
Energy therapy
Reiki Healing Hands – Healing Through Love
I have healing hands. I can heal any dis-ease. I am a Reiki Energy Healer with Loving healing hands based in West London.
Open into Change – Inspired Intuitive Life Coaching
Intuitive Life Coaching Sessions
Reiki Teacher SE Wisconsin
3425 patzke lane
Traditional Usui Reiki classes levels I, II and III, and reiki treatments serving SE Wisconsin and Northern Illinois
Leanne Barbato, CBP
Energy Healer and Alchemist for your Body, Mind and Spirit.
Certified in BodyTalk, Access Bars, and Thrive Energetics.
Available for distance sessions around the world.
Natural Cancer Cure & Prevention, Psychological Healing Online.
Soul Knowing Energy Healing
P.O. Box 2399
Reiki Healing and Energy Reading in Metro Atlanta, GA