Shamanic Healing & Journeying

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Shamanic Practitioner – Mandy Pullen
Hillside Road
I am a shamanic practitioner and have been working this way for 10 years having gained a practitioner certificate from the Sacred Trust UK.

I am based in Gloucestershire and practise healing work one to one from home but also distantly and mentoring/tutoring by Skype.
Samantha Gladden
Buddha on a Bicycle, 27 Endell Street
Homeopath and Wellness Coach offering a range of holistic treatments including Reiki and Shamanic Healing.
Shamanic Journeying and Healing with Story
I do shamanic readings and healings through email. You can tell me and ask me anything you like, and I will take your questions and concerns to spirit.

I can't guarantee what spirit is going to say. I do usually get very specific information which you yourself will be able to verify as accurate. And that's the most exciting stuff, but sometimes spirit is seemingly determined to speak more generally, and I can't do anything about that. I will write up a report of what spirit says to me, which will usually be a page at least.

If spirit indicates to me that you need healing, I will get advice from a personal helping spirit as to how it ought to be done. Then I will double-check that you're comfortable with receiving this healing. That's an important step even though ostensibly everyone wants to be healed -- it's good to be ready and receptive. The long-distance healing that I do often involves shamanic soul retrievals, which I’ve written about here:
Healing journeys