The re-emergence of Sekhem/Seichim began with Patrick Zeigler in 1980. Whilst spending the night in the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt, Patrick experienced a spontaneous initiation. A swirling electric blue light appeared and descended into his heart, where it remained, moving in a figure-eight infinity pattern. This initiation empowered Patrick with a form of spiritual healing energy.

After Patrick’s experience in the pyramid, he had a connection with this energy but he did not have a name for it. Some time later, a friend of Patrick’s channelled some information for him about the energy he had been given. She received a name for the energy and spelt it out as “S-e-t-i-m”. This name did not seem quite right to Patrick so he meditated and a voice came to him with the pronunciation of “Sei-Ch-im”. Patrick then began calling the energy Seichim.

A little further down the track, Patrick was given a book about the ancient Egyptian goddess Sekhmet. The book frequently mentioned the word Sekhem and Patrick realised that Sekhem was the ancient Egyptian word for Universal Energy and Power. It is translated as “Power of Powers”. He realised that this was the word he had been given – the word he had been spelling as “Seichim”. The symbol for Sekhem in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics is a sceptre. The sceptre represents the connection of Heaven and Earth. Patrick then began using the “Sekhem” spelling in conjunction with Seichim.

Both the words Sekhem and Seichim were pronounced the same. The “kh” in Sekhem and the “ch” in Seichim represent a very hard guttural sound from the ancient Egyptian language. This sound is also found in current Hebrew and Arabic but it is not part of the English language.

Sekhem is the spelling that is used in literature related to ancient Egypt and could therefore be considered to be the common or more original spelling of the word. As time went on, some slightly different pronunciations of the two words came into use, probably because people interpreted the spellings in different ways. Today, Seichim is often pronounced “Say-keem” or “Say-sheem” and Sekhem is often pronounced “Sayk-hem” or “Sek-hem”.

More recently, Patrick switched to the name SKHM, which is the way the Egyptians would have spelt the word Sekhem.

Sekhem/Seichim heals on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, with a focus on the heart centre. It has been described as “living light energy”. Several healing systems, using various forms of this energy, have been developed under such names as Seichim, Seichem, Sekhem and SKHM.

While other people used and developed Sekhem/Seichim healing systems based on the Usui Reiki model, Patrick took a different approach and developed alternative ways of working with the energy. His approach evolved into a very advanced and powerful form of Sekhem which he calls ALL LOVE. Patrick now passes this energy on to others in his ALL LOVE workshops which involve the participants connecting with the energy via active meditations and “spontaneous initiations”.

The Ka Shen Sekhem System

Ka Shen Sekhem is based on Phoenix Summerfield’s system of Seichim and most of the symbols used in Ka Shen are from her system. The core part of Ka Shen has 7 levels and a further 5 levels will also be available. Level 1 is functionally equivalent to Reiki II. Each level is complete in itself and you need only do as many levels as feels appropriate for you. Each level changes, raises and develops the vibration of the energy and brings in more symbols.

Level 1 gives you a simple system and establishes a base form of the Ka Shen Sekhem energy vibration. Levels 2 – 7 introduce a powerful range of deeper and more exotic vibrations, based mainly on the Seichim symbols used by T’om Seaman and Phoenix Summerfield.

Ka Shen Sekhem is also connected with ALL LOVE and attunement to Ka Shen helps connect you with the ALL LOVE energy. The Ka Shen Sekhem energy vibration has been designed and developed to integrate with the ALL LOVE energy and to work together with it during treatments. Each level of Ka Shen will continue to help strengthen and deepen your connection with the ALL LOVE energy.

It is possible for anyone who comes into contact with the Ka Shen and ALL LOVE energies (for example, through receiving a hands-on or distance healing treatment) to spontaneously open up to a permanent connection with these energies. In such a situation, the healing potential of a treatment given by a Ka Shen practitioner may be dramatically increased. The healing processes that could eventuate, as a result of someone receiving even a single treatment, could extend indefinitely.

This kind of spontaneous opening and permanent connection with the energies is something that would occur at the discretion of the receiver’s own Higher Consciousness (Higher Self). If it happened, it would happen automatically and at a time that is right for the receiver. In such a situation, the receiver would then have these energies available to them for the rest of their life, to support their healing processes and spiritual growth on an ongoing basis.

As well as being a healing modality, Ka Shen Sekhem is a spiritual development program for personal transformation. Each level brings about a shift in a person’s consciousness and vibration. As they use the energy and work their way up through the levels over time, a person will go through a healing process of ongoing psychological, energetic and spiritual transformation towards greater wholeness. This process develops the heart chakra and increases psychic perception.

An important aspect of Ka Shen is working with a balance of Father Spirit and Mother Earth, and a balance of Masculine and Feminine energies. The attunement process establishes a balanced connection with Spirit and the Earth. The Ka Shen Sekhem energy itself works with a balance of Spirit energy and Earth energy (which could also be described as Universal energy and Earth energy), and a balance of Masculine and Feminine energy.

Although the system is called Ka Shen, this is an abbreviation of its Egyptian hieroglyphic name which is spoken as “Udjat Ieb Ka Shen” and means “Energy for healing the eternal heart and soul”. The ancient Egyptians regarded the heart as being the centre of all consciousness. For an explanation of the name in hieroglyphics, click here.

The Ka Shen Sekhem Guides

Sekhmet, the lion-headed Egyptian goddess of destruction, regeneration and healing, is associated with Ka Shen Sekhem and can be called upon to assist in treatments.

Isis is also associated with Ka Shen Sekhem and can be called upon to assist in treatments. Isis is an Egyptian moon goddess, embodying femininity, motherhood, magic, healing and power.

Quan Yin, the eastern goddess of mercy, compassion and healing, is also associated with Ka Shen Sekhem and can be called upon to assist in treatments.

A fourth guide associated with Ka Shen Sekhem is Gaia – the living, sentient consciousness and soul of the planet earth itself. Gaia can also be called upon to assist in treatments.

Even if you are not attuned to Ka Shen Sekhem, you can still call upon any or all of the above Ka Shen guides at any time – for guidance, support, healing and help regarding any issue in your life. They are here to help and they are very powerful, especially Sekhmet. Just say a little prayer in your mind, calling upon them, explaining your situation or issue and asking for their help. Be sure to also thank them for their help.

by Vibrational Alchemy

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