Sekhem is an incredible energy that words cannot describe.

There are many teaching Sekhem worldwide now, but this is not your Grand Masters’ Sekhem .

Sekhem has a very strong connection to Egypt, yet it goes far beyond that connection. Keep in mind we are all eternal beings, we have not just past lives on this planet, but universal connections with this dimension and other dimensions. Sekhem helps us remember these connections. Sekhem not only helps heal and open our past lives, but our parallel and future selves as well. It brings us to the present moment, the doorway to infinity.

What has taken place over the last few years is the Sekhem Energy on this planet has gone through a huge transformation. In truth, it is us, but it feels like everything else is transforming. We are able to open to new energy as our planet is evolving and transforming.

If you have not taken a Sekhem class in the last year I recommend it. All-Love Sekhem

Has a specific connection to the spiritual heart center. Previously many connected with the power of Sekhem, now it is time to connect to the power of the heart.

There are many teachers of Sekhem and all can help with this transformation at this time; there is a reunion, a coming together of Sekhem Seichim Seichem on the planet. It is through us all coming together that are biggest shift will occur. When you choose a teacher find one that works with wholeness not separation. Do not be fooled into the mine has the highest vibration of all energy on the planet, the truth is you already have it all within you, you just have not realized it yet. It is through the heart that you will realize your heart connection to the universe. The Sekhem energy stream will facilitate this re-connection and re-remembrance of who you are. Keep in mind it is not the highest vibration that assists you with this realization, but through connecting to all of who you are.

In our All-Love Sekhem Course we support you into opening up to all of yourself and loving all of who you are. This is the key. Once you begin to love all of who you are then this is reflected in the world around you. This state is called All-Love.

Sekhem has no limits. There is no boundary of time and space. Yes, it can be transferred through distance. Many on the planet now are receiving distant spontaneous Initiations. This is happening sometime just through visiting a website! How can this be possible?

Sometime all we need is a small trigger, something to remind us to wake up. I posted our Sekhem Shenu image many years ago on the web, immediately I was getting messages from all over the world saying how people were having an initiation just through seeing the image. This practice is in old one. Just like secret mantras have a power with sound sacred geometry can trigger this awakening in many as well. Sekhem is an energy that can take on many forms. Many in our class may see Deities, Angels Gods/ Goddesses or even have contact and remembered contact with beings from other worlds. Many who have these experiences may keep their focus on their experience. What happens is each person will connect with the form they are most comfortable with. This is one reason why there are so many forms of Sekhem being taught. Even though Sekhem has a very wide spectrum many may focus on just one frequency. Others may focus on a variety a frequencies and then keep them separate. This is one reason why we have the Seichim Sekhem and Seichem labeling. One particular teacher will take a class in Seichim then have what they feel is unique experience, so they create a whole new system around that experience. In the early days of Sekhem, since there was no structure a person might see the Goddess Sekhemet , while another person may experience Isis and another Quan Yin.

What happened then was each person would then create a system around each of those experiences. So we have Isis Sekhem or Sekhemet Sekhem. Each will have certain quality. Even though they both have the same source, many want to see them as separate from each other. Just like the Spectrum of light if you take out blue then you cannot make violet or green, all the frequencies work together. We are the same. We are all unique beings, yet when we all work together something magic happens.

The “element” that bring us together is Love, All-Love.

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