The cure to relaxation, attention or sleep problems might lie in a simple lotion or spray. Timely given the weekend ahead, a spritz might help keep the monsters away.

Connie Jacoby, owner of Wise Women Botanicals, came up with what she fondly calls Monster Cream about three months ago when a friend came to her for advice on how to get her grandson to sleep without night terrors.

Jacoby consulted a list of essential oils and combined 14 to create a cream and spray product.

Her friend sprayed it on her grandson’s pillow, under his bed and rubbed some of the cream on his wrists. He slept through the night without a problem. And he hasn’t had night terrors since, Jacoby reports.

Monster cream and spray have gained in popularity. Teachers have asked Jacoby for samples to spray in their classrooms to help their students pay attention, and it has helped some women with sleeping problems fall asleep without medication.

“Instead of spending ‘x’ amount on pharmaceuticals that can be addictive and harmful,” Jacoby said, people can just use her cream and spray, both of which are free of chemicals and carcinogens. “Anybody who deals with relaxation, sleeping, attention or focusing problems, can use this cream.”

A certified aroma therapist, Jacoby said just a couple of oils included in the cream and spray would give users some of the beneficial effects, but she has “never seen something like this.” Monster Cream includes rosewood, palmarosa, geranium, jasmine, rose and other essential oils.

Wise Women Botanicals also sells a full line of skin treatments as well as products to reduce pain and strengthen the immune system.

Jacoby was a nurse before starting her business and said she would come home with dry, cracked skin. She didn’t want to spend roughly $70 on skin products, so she decided to create her own, natural line.

“It has to be affordable or I don’t want it,” she said. “I think everybody should have good skin care.”

Her biggest sellers are vitamin K, for eye lifting and tightening; Congest Away to help with colds; pain relief creams; and her apricot scrub.

The store also has a stock of books about natural remedies and essential oils that customers can rent. Jacoby said she has this material “just to get information out,” so customers can decide what they want to do.

“If you can learn more about your body, you can make a change and be healthy,” she said.

Jacoby grew up on a farm in Huntsville. She is proud of her handmade products and commitment to recycling. Everything produced by Wise Women Botanicals can be composted or recycled. She holds tight to a saying she learned as a child:

“Use it up; wear it out; make it do or do without.”

by Katie Pohlman For Columbia Tribune

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