Stay open-minded and realize that what most people say about this religion is not true. Wicca is in fact, unique, and is intended for those who disagree with or do not prefer mainstream religion. So some things may seem strange to you.

Understand the first tenet of Wicca is “An it harm none, do as thou wilt.” which basically means as long as it harms none (including yourself) then do as you please. This applies to everything you do – religious and otherwise. This also applies to magick, which is simply a prayer “acted out.” Contrary to popular belief, and unless it is done in self-defense, Wiccans do not curse/hex anyone because it goes against “Harm None”.

Understand the following facts about Wicca:
Wiccans believe that everything you do comes back to you threefold; they call this The Threefold Law. This law shows that it does not matter what one does, whether it is good or bad. Most Wiccans try not to do negative actions because of this law.
Wiccans are not green old hags with warts. There are many more Wiccans in the world than you would expect, so of course we come in all shapes and sizes. Despite what national politics deem, Wicca is a religion that welcomes anyone.
Wiccans categorize themselves by the term “tradition”. Many traditions are named by the founder (i.e: Gardnerian – Gerald Gardner), although some Wiccans have been taught by their families. The latter is usually called “Family Tradition” or “Fam Trad” for short.

Wicca is not Satanism. Wiccans do not even believe in Satan, so this theory is completely false.
Wicca is not a “woman thing,” many men are also Wiccan. A good portion of Wiccans may be female because of the focus on the feminine deity.

Most Wiccans believe in duality, or balance, which entails that there should be a male and female aspect of divinity. Their names are commonly the Goddess and God, but can be called whatever you wish. As said by Michele Morgan (author of Simple Wicca), “The Gods don’t care what you call them, as long as you call them.”
What is also common is belief in the God and Goddess as well as particular deities from a certain pantheon (i.e: Greek, Norse, Celtic, Egyptian, Hindu). This is what separates Wicca from Witchcraft.
Wiccan holidays consist of Sabbats, or solar holidays; and Esbats, lunar holidays. There are eight in one year, including Yule, Ostara, Midsummer, Mabon, Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh, and Samhain. Wiccans call this The Wheel of the Year.

by Wiki How

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