Egypt became the centre of culture, wisdom and learning all over the known world. At the summit of the Egyptian civilization many scholars and wise beings came from all over the world to see and know of this culture. Sekhem is an ancient system of wisdom as taught in the temples of early Egypt. Few, were accepted or even prepared to go through the long, demanding and sacred apprenticeship and initiations into the healing arts of the Egyptian priesthood, which was the only way to learn and appreciate this system completely. In times past it took many years of devotion and great personal sacrifice to learn these healing systems.

Some entered the Priesthood, and then returned to their own lands to practice and teach what they had learned. Hence the knowledge of Sekhem was distributed and scattered to those temples and other areas where the mysteries of ancient wisdom and knowledge were held in secret. Over the ages the purity and clarity of the energy changed worldwide and in Egypt itself. This was due to the intermingling of the energy within spiritual beliefs and practices of local cultures but also the dilution and misguidance of wisdom and knowledge within Egypt over the millennia. These changes altered the vibrational quality of the energy, sometimes to a marked degree.

Today there are many different systems, processes and lineages called by different names, yet seemingly fairly similar in content. Yet each system has its unique attributes and vibrational frequency and all work well in conjunction with one another for they all originated from source.

“Kehm” is alchemy in ancient Egypt and Egyptian Sekhem is channelled energy. That is, it comes from a source outside of us. It is not the persons own energy, but is drawn through from the limitless sea of Living Light Energy that we all use to power our bodies. It is also known as ‘Living Light Energy’ and addresses the subtle aspects of cause; releasing even deeply held thought forms and bring about positive changes to your life, physically, emotionally and spiritually. By spiritually, we are not talking of religion, which is man-made, but spirituality, for this energy will build on whatever ‘God” means to you.

Seichim, Reiki and Egyptian Sekhem, oh my!

As there is only one Source of all, there are also many different levels and avenues of connection to that Source. Using the analogy of an internet connection, there are many different choices to get online. A dial-up or narrow band connection is slow in comparison to broadband and you can only usually do one thing at a time, in an efficient way. Whereas broad band is a quicker connection, allowing you to do multiple tasks simultaneously. Therefore, a quicker and smoother the connection means a better, direct and clearer link to source, allowing the energy to get to work simultaneously on multiple areas. Egyptian Sekhem connects at that very ‘high vibrational level’ related to, and acts directly on, the individual’s soul frequency.

Seichim is the Sanskrit word for Sekhem and although both mean the same such as power of powers’, ‘might’ or “living light energy’ and have their origins in Egypt that’s where the similarities end. The vibrational frequency of the original Egyptian Sekhem symbols and the Seichim symbols have also become different. Both Systems have a higher vibration than Reiki but Egyptian Sekhem has the highest vibrational frequency of them all. Both Reiki and Seichim are inherent in the greater system of Sekhem. However all three systems provide healing power that is very necessary in the world today.

Consistent use of Egyptian Sekhem quickly and easily brings the changes you wish for in your life. One of the greatest things you can do for yourself is to have an Egyptian Sekhem treatment. More than words can capture, it is something to be experienced.

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