The daughter of doctor who specializes in past life regression therapy believes she was healed of blinding cataracts by delving into her former existence as a man in the Middle Ages.

Amy Weiss, daughter of ‘Miracles Happen’ author Dr. Brian Weiss, never had any luck with her father’s unusual practice of helping patients learn about themselves by reliving their past existences.
But at 25, the social worker was diagnosed with an eye cataract condition that doctors said could lead to complete blindness.

‘I remember thinking, “Why would I lose my sight, why do I have the eyes of an old man?”’ she explained in an episode of ‘Super Soul Sunday’ on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network.

With the bad news weighing on her, Weiss decided to give past life regression another try.
‘I’ll see if I can figure out the source of my cataracts,’ she recalls thinking as she attended one of her Yale Medical School educated father’s regression workshops.
At least, she thought, ‘Maybe I’ll have a good nap.’
But as soon as her father instructed her to think back to the source of her cataracts, Weiss closed her eyes and says she was transported to another place and time.

‘Immediately, I saw myself in the body of an old man with long white hair, living in the Middle Ages,’ she says.
She was living alone in the hut far from a village.
‘Basically a hermit,’ she says. ‘But these townspeople thought I was a wizard and that I was doing evil.’

Weiss says she saw the villagers storm her hut and set fire to everything she owned.
‘And the fire burned my eyes. It blinded me,’ she says. ‘I could feel his pain.’
As she watched the atrocity play out before her, Weiss says her father then initiated the workshop’s next step, telling them to fast forward to the end of their previous body’s life and ask what that life meant.
Weiss’ eerie message was ‘Sadness clouds the eyes.’

‘For me,’ she says, ‘that had a double meaning, not just that I had been carrying the cataracts and the literal blindness from the past life, but I had been carrying that man’s sadness in the present life too.’
Then, as if her past life regression weren’t miraculous enough, something truly astounding happened.
Soon after the workshop, doctors told Weiss that her cataracts, had healed.

Amy’s father, Dr. Weiss, told an equally amazing tale during his appearance on Winfrey’s spirituality show, billed as an ‘eye-opening and inspiring block of programming designed to help viewers awaken to their best selves and discover a deeper connection to the world around them.’
On the show, Dr Weiss recalled a day in 1980 he was using hypnotherapy to treat a woman for anxiety and depression.

by Joshua Gardner For The Daily Mail

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