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IMAGINE what life would be like if you had control over and freedom from the negative emotions that limit your everyday life; stress, depression, guilt, regret, low self-esteem, addiction, fear of public speaking, anger, resentment, anxiety, shyness, feeling stuck…the list is infinite. How about chronic pain? What if you could reduce and control it?Well you can! You can achieve freedom from all of the above.EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques is a talking therapy that involves simultaneous tapping on meridian points on your face and body. You tap your own points while I guide you through the process.EFT reduces stress cortisol levels by 24%, putting your body and mind into a healing state, even when discussing distressing issues.I have one particular technique where you can work through a traumatic event, without even talking about it. If something has happened to you that you feel is so painful you are unable to share it, don't let that stop you. This technique is gentle and offers you total privacy and I have seen it work time and time again! EFT has been described as 'psychological acupressure' or 'acupuncture without the needles'. In a similar way to hypnosis, it enables you to gently access and release unconscious beliefs and past events that are driving your presenting issues. Despite EFT's hypnotic effect, you remain conscious but relaxed throughout.You can't change the past, but you can change the way you feel about it and this is the key to freedom from the negative emotions that are keeping you stuck. It is not the negative events themselves that have affected you, it is how you have coded them in your mind and body. It is what you have made them mean about you that makes it hard for you to move forward in the way you would like.This therapy is fast and effective. It will amaze you!

Location: The Eco Offices 125A Ullet Road Liverpool Merseyside L17 2ABWebsite: 7538419549

Massage has been practiced throughout the centuries since the earliest civilsations. It is a medical and therapeutic healing treatment and it is also excellent for invigorating, soothing and beautifying the body. It is an instinctive act for relieving pain and discomfort and for calming. The practice of massage spread to the west from the East into Europe and was well established by 500 BC. Massage can help the blood supply to muscles, circulation is improved and waste products are removed more effectively. Pain reduces along with stiffness as tissues and warmed which reduces tension in muscles. It also helps your metabolism and can aid weight loss as well as toning the body.

Location: Red Gables Ipswich Road Stowmarket Suffolk IP14 1BE Aqua Pharmacy 52 Duke Street Ipswich Suffolk IP3 0AQWebsite: 7856076343

I offer a range of holistic treatments which are aimed at improving your wellbeing both physically and emotionally. reflexologya deeply relaxing treatment where gentle pressure is applied to reflex points in the feet, this helps stimulate nerve function to organs, glands and areas of the body. This 45 minute treatment helps to rebalance, rejuvenate and revitalisefacial reflexologyfocusing on reflex points found on the face, when gentle pressure is applied it helps stimulate the body's healing mechanisms. This amazing 45 minute treatment aims to relieve the effects of stress, improve circulation and aid lymphatic draining. Holistic facial using sing organically grown ingrediants to cleanse, exfoliate, nourishe, tone and moisturise the face. The use of hot towels, guided visualisation, white sage smudging and 10 minute facial reflexology you will have recieved the complete holistic experience.The Zone Face Lift massagethe 45 minute treatment aims to relax tight muscles in the face which generally link to our emotions and improve lymphatic blood flow. This will bring fresh oxygen and nutrients to the face and remove waste products. Using hot towels, facial gua sha, facial rollers, clear Quartz crystals and 15 minutes facial reflexology, the Zone Face Lift will leave your skin looking and feeling radiantThe Zone Face Lift complete experiencedeveloped from a combination of traditional reflexology methods and ancient healing techniques from Native American Shamans. This 90 minute treatment includes the holistic facial, facial reflexology and face lift massage.Indian head massageHelp relieve the effects of mental, emotional and physical stress. This 30 minute treatment is non invasive and you will remain clothed throughout whilst pressure and massage is applied to your head, upper back, shoulders, arms, neck and face.Jikiden reikidirect from the traditional teachings of reiki, Jikiden reiki is a hands on treatment which aims to improve and heal mind and body.

Location: Wednesbury West Midlands WS10Website: www.reflexologybyjenny.comPhone: 7789003824