I’ve been out of school for almost a decade now, but I remember how stressful it was.

Not just in high school, but all the way back to kindergarden.

So much is expected of our young people, even at the age of six. Not only are there academic stresses, but you have all of the tough stuff that comes with young people socializing. Bullies, the desire to live up to expectations, and fitting in.

But meditation can help improve the school experience. Why?

1. Meditation reduces stress

Stress is a huge problem for children. Not only is it unhealthy and horrible to deal with, but it hinders their ability to learn. They can’t focus well. They don’t do as well on tests. Stress in children leads to violence too. But meditation is well known to curb stress.

2. Meditation increases a child’s focus

As I said before, meditation reduces stress which helps improve focus. Not only that, but meditation is about focusing. You often focus on a certain thought or your breath.

3. Meditation increases a child’s empathy

Meditation is well known to improve empathy for others, which can be really important for kids. Meditation can help prevent bullies from becoming bullies in the first place. They understand better that their actions harm others.

4. Meditation calms kids down

If you’ve ever been a parent or teacher, you know that when kids are calm, their more optimistic and focus better. Calmness leads to a better academic experience.

5. Meditation makes you happy

Kids are meant to be happy. Mindful meditation has been used for centuries to improve your outlook on life. When kids are happy, they do better at everything.

Source: Higher Perspective

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